Implementing autocompletion OTP area in iOS

Extended waiting is over. !! IOS 12 attracts Autofill to get OTP text field which is near Android given a decade ago. Previously in iOS we used to toggle between OTP text screen and message inbox. That was hard to recall and time consuming resulting a bad user experience. As for me, I have been asked from the client/customer couple of occasions to implement autocompletion for OTP field and took me a great deal of time to convey that it isn't possible in iOS.

Why Autofill wasn't possible previously?
Most of us know that Apple gives at most maintenance for user privacy. As soon as we see iOS structure, every individual program is like a distinct island. There's no inter-app bridge between programs (exception for Keychain and URLSchemes APIs that gives very limited scope). Thus we can't read content material from inbox.
Where to begin Autofilling?
First of all, the goal SMS need to possess the OTP Code with prefix string"Code" or"Passcode"on its message content. Beware of OTP code approved only when it has no space and functions only with system supplied keyboard. Don't expect this feature works with custom computer keyboard.

Currently from the application side, make certain that device running in iOS 12 and set text field content type into'.OneTimeCode'.

This can be also accomplished via storyboard. Just select UITextField in storyboard/XIB and click Attribute Inspector. Keyboard Type does not matter. As given in the first diagram, as soon as a SMS using OTP code obtained in the message inbox, then we'll see the same in the tool bar of the Computer Keyboard. We all will need to tap into the code to get autofill OTP area.

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