5 Common pitfalls while Launching iOS Program

1. Internet connectivity status assessing over answer mistake:
it's vital to examine network connectivity standing offline or on the internet before beginning solutions.
To Check reachability you have wrote in reaction callback:

More over you can't count on host to check connectivity. Just because server might be down in the moment you sent ask.

It may track network position of WiFi or Cellular information immediately. Notifies if network status varies. Bonus - Also be certain program works in iPv6 system also. Textfield behind computer keyboard: We begin developing program in Xcode and operate in Simulator. By default preference of simulator is concealed and we retained using Mac keyboard for area inputsignal. Hence there's a possibility of overlooking this simple feature before handing over to testing staff.
The exact same problem seen when orientation shift. Additionally fields are observable in iPhone Plus or XL apparatus and concealed in 4" iPhone 5/5S/5SE versions. So it's much better to get an eye on the computer keyboard and areas.

Option : Use of keyboard notifiers'UIKeyboardWillShow' prior to seeming and'UIKeyboardWillHide' prior to concealing.

3. Neglecting Safe area Design:

When you make new storyboard choice is enabled by default.

Option : You convert in the top and bottom design guides into the secure place design guide by changing the setting in the document builder for your Storyboard. Apple indicates that we don't to put any controls outside secure location.

Inconsistency Font, Colour through program: Typically when a team working on program development, individual programmers consider particular font size or color code (worst case) in their assigned displays. This queries maturity of program.

Option : Have a typical struct or class for whole program which will make certain consistency of font size, family and even color codes.
For example, below listing is generally I refer out of Apple's Mail program.
Hardcoded view eyeglasses:
once we produce custom views programmatically, we are inclined to produce with frames. This may look at great shape upon conducting simulator or similar apparatus with size course.

Option : Use'Autolayout limitations' in areas that are necessary. Make certain limits added initialisation phase and complete design life cycle to be implemented In the event post modification of perspective framework. This article will help get more clarity.

That is about couple of test factors to be consider while beginning your iOS program. Comment should you taken such incorrect approaches and then discovered correct approach to execute same.

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